Time Blocking for Witches

I originally wrote this post for the Home 4 Wayward Witches blog, May 29, 2022.

It’s fairly common for me to be reading an article or doing research and find connections between what I am reading and concepts found in witchcraft. Sometimes it is something small, like a specific tea found to good for you by science when it already has beneficial metaphysical correspondences. Sometimes, though, it’s something more elaborate, creating a situation where witchcraft’s logic can be applied to a more mundane concept. One of these that I use regularly is the concept of time blocking.

What is time blocking?

Time blocking is a time management technique that is intended to help you plan your day. The idea is to create boxes of time throughout your day, almost like meeting appointments with yourself. During that time frame, you direct your focus to one type of task only. If other work comes in, you ignore it (within reason), because you’re already busy with the “appointment” to do a specific task.

Now, in practice, this can be a tricky thing to set up. Not everyone’s schedule works well for this. The concept of time blocking can be broken down further into several variations to try to accommodate this. The most general of these, day theming, can be as simple as “I will use Saturday as my day to run errands.” If any errands pop up during the week, they are scheduled for Saturday (assuming they are not time sensitive).I chunk tasks into categories by what type of work they are or what skills they use. Sometimes it helps to use highlighters or multiple colors to categorize tasks visually for this.

This concept, however, looks very similar to one found in witchcraft. If you’ve been following along on our social media this week, you probably know what I’m talking about. Each day of the week has specific associations that make them supposedly better for certain tasks than others.

A Witch’s Week

The correspondences for days of the week generally fall as such:

  • Monday – intuitive work, family, home, divination
  • Tuesday – athletic or physical endeavors, new beginnings, passion projects
  • Wednesday – communication, arts, innovative thinking, friends, learning
  • Thursday – socializing, travel, in-person meetings, gambling
  • Friday – love, relationships, creative endeavors, music, design
  • Saturday – cleansing, banishing, cleaning, finances, real estate
  • Sunday – goals, planning, legal matters, professional connections, health

These correspondences are not absolute and obviously there is some overlap. However, as with all astrology, I like to think of these influences as a sort of +1 modifier to my attempts at related maters on that day. Therefore, if a task can wait to correlate with a specific bonus, all the better!

The Steps

So, how does this work in practice?

  1. Get a to-do list together.
    • You need to have a general idea of what you need to get done over the course of the week. Write everything down in one big list to get it out on paper.
  2. Categorize your tasks.
    • Group tasks into categories by what type of work they are or what skills they use. Sometimes it helps to use highlighters or multiple colors to categorize tasks visually for this.
  3. Schedule your Must-Dos.
    • Remember that “the stars weren’t in alignment” won’t fly as an excuse to employers or the government. You have to get certain things done on certain dates. Get those on your calendar first.
  4. Block your time.
    • Take your groups of tasks and schedule them for the day that has the best associations for it. Take into account what works for you as well. Just because Saturdays are good for cleaning doesn’t mean that day will work for you. Work WITH the associations, not around them.
  5. Take notes.
    • This sort of system only works if you continue to work at it. See what works for you over the course of the week. Reorganize tasks as you go. You might realize certain associations are more powerful for you than others. The process of time blocking your week will only get easier over time.

Time Blocking in Action

Let’s use a rather obvious example: communication. I often get a short list of emails, phone calls, and letters I need to deal with over the course of a week. Wednesday is supposedly the best day for communication matters. I also know that making calls and sending important emails triggers my anxiety, so I will need to get it done and over with, then give myself a break after to clear my mind. So, every week, I gather up my list of communications I need to do, and put that at the top of my to-do list for Wednesday, followed by a time block for meditation or some other form of break.

The same principle then goes for a variety of tasks. Most of my house cleaning gets done on Saturdays, when cleansing gets a boost. I do a lot of drafting content on Mondays, when my mind feels more introspective. Is that the associations? Or is it just my perception? Either way, it seems to work, and it helps me get things done in a timely manner. When Wednesday rolls around, the temptation to put off a phone call is always there. But if it has to be done by the end of the week, would I rather do it last minute on Friday? Or when I have a supposed bonus to it on Wednesdays? Sometimes that booster is all you really need.

Beyond Day Theming

This sort of practice works for all sorts of witchy concepts, especially pertaining to astrology and numerology. Venus entering Taurus? It’s a good day to go shopping. Today’s numerology number is 9? Time to wrap up outstanding projects. Mercury moving into retrograde in a week? Best to get that call in ASAP. You can even get as specific as looking at the planet associated with any particular hour of the day to figure out when is best to schedule a meeting.

Is this a good thing to use for everything? No. Definitely not. I would never tell you to put something important off just so that the stars align perfectly for the task. It being a “bad day” to do something doesn’t mean “put it off.” It just means you are that much stronger and better for having done it without the “bonus.”

However, if you know you have to get a mountain of tasks done and you don’t know where to start? Strategies like time blocking, when coordinated with concepts found in witchcraft, can help you figure out where to begin. And sometimes that strategy is all we need to get moving.

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