Hello! Thank you so much for dropping by. This site covers a rather eclectic mix of content, but all are relevant to my various interests. I hope you enjoy your time here! – Lynn Theory

A Bit about Lynn

Lynn is a freelancing tech witch and content creator with a variety of interests and skills. Almost everything they do now started as a “I wonder if I can fix that” or “How would I go about doing that?” Every time, they found a solution that worked and began sharing it with others.

Their interests began developing in university, where they studied writing, philosophy, and programming. A few years after graduating, they began producing content on Twitch. Originally they sought to showcase some of their favorite video games to friends. Over time, though, their content morphed to meet the interests of a growing audience and their personal interest in cartomancy – the art of divination via cards. During the same time frame, they began programming chat bots for Discord. Their bots typically focus on characterization and community-specific feature requests. Eventually, Lynn’s interests in programming and divination met at an interesting intersection as they began to study witchcraft and pagan concepts to better interact with the divination community. This melding of information led to Lynn discovering the concept of tech magic, and the development of better definitions for that form of magic.

Now, Lynn serves as webmaster, reader, and social media advisor for Home 4 Wayward Witches. When not focused on that, they take on a variety of freelance projects and promote their own brand across multiple platforms. For a full list of where you can find them, please check out the contact and support pages.