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  • Ways I Improved my Tarot Skills

    Ways I Improved my Tarot Skills

    There are so many ways out there to improve your divination skills as a tarot reader. With great sites like Labyrinthos and a plethora of books available on the market, you can get the basics down fairly easily with any given tarot deck. However, there comes a time when just using one basic resource and […]

  • The Clair Sense We Need to Talk About

    The Clair Sense We Need to Talk About

    When you go about your day, there’s a lot of input coming your way. Your senses help you navigate that world and know what you are interacting with. They are your key to interpreting the world around you. As they are with you from birth, it’s fairly easy to trust these senses,  recognize where they fall short, and […]

  • Types of Divination

    Types of Divination

    Systems of divination can be largely categorized into one of four types based on the type of input being worked with. These four are: human, random, randomized, and non-random. While most forms you’ll see on my shop are categorized as randomized, it’s important to know the differences between the four for better understanding overall.

  • The Realm between Science and Magic

    The Realm between Science and Magic

    I originally wrote this post for the Home 4 Wayward Witches blog, May 16, 2022. It is a common trope to talk about science and magic being at odds with one another. Surely one versed in the way things work cannot support the existence of “mystical forces we cannot explain.” This rift is seen by […]