Handraise Discord Bot

The Handraise Bot was created to solve a simple problem: Discord calls are chaotic and not always accessible for certain situations. Too often there’ll be a mix of people who can’t talk, people who can’t use video, and just those with quiet microphones who can’t be heard.

These factors add unnecessary stress to what should be pleasant conversations. To help out, I made a very simple bot. Invite it into your Discord call and let it chill there till someone needs it. Want to raise your hand for any reason? A quick !hr in chat will play a soft “airplane call noise” ping to get everyone’s attention. Glancing at chat will reveal a notice of who pinged, and draws your attention to any chat messages you may have missed!

This bot is not terribly complex, but its features are easily integrated with other custom Discord bots. As such, I’ve left the code open source. My one goal with this project was to spread the idea, so those who can’t use a microphone for one reason or another never feel ignored.

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