Sigil Maker

One common form of spell work in witchcraft is the making of sigils, simple images that stand in for concepts or intentions. The process of making one can be long and involved, and frankly is not everyone’s strong suit. In order to streamline this, and make sigils ready to use in digital formats, I wrote a tidy piece of Javascript to add into a Discord bot that will make these images for me.

One of the most frequent methods of making sigils, and the one I rely on for this script, involves reduction of a word or phrase to certain letters. Typical rules for this reduction involve removing vowels and repeating letters from the phrase. Those letters are then mapped on a grid or shape of some sort.


The number of unique Sigil boards the Sigil Maker can create

In order to mimic this process, the Sigil Maker relies on an unseen grid of coordinates. Each set of coordinates is given a corresponding consonant. Which letter goes where is randomized every time the script runs, creating a 5 x 4 grid of consonants. The script will then make a sigil based off of a phrase you give it. The phrase is reduced per standard sigil rules, then converted into a list of coordinates based off where each letter falls on the sigil grid. The Sigil Maker then hands that string of coordinates to Canvas, which uses the coordinates to draw a shape. The image is then returned, along with a “key” that can be used to recreate the image at any time.

Future versions of this script will include the ability to generate sigils in multiple colors and sizes.

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