The 2022 Almanac of Astrological Data

Astrology can be a daunting form of divination to touch on, especially when it comes to the day-to-day impacts of it. The planets are constantly moving and influencing the world in a variety of ways. In order to help those curious in venturing into the realm of astrology, Lynn has compiled this detailed resource: The 2022 Almanac of Astrological Data.

– taken from the store listing

This book served as Lynn’s first foray into creating and formatting a digital book. The 2022 Almanac project was a four month gauntlet to compile data, format, and triple check every page. The result? A 68 page PDF full of both evergreen astrology information and dates relevant to the 2022 astrological calendar.

If you would like an example of the contents, Lynn published an excerpt over on Home 4 Wayward Witches.

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