Monthly Support


Patreon is home to a whole archive of rewards, as well as continuously updating with new ones. Patreon backers receive monthly tarot readings directly to their inboxes on the first of the month. They also receive exclusive content, access to a VIP area on the Discord server, and a discount code for my Ko-fi store.


A one-stop place for all sorts of ways to support Lynn, their Ko-fi page houses the same monthly backing program as their Patreon page, getting all the same rewards. However, rather than a once-a-month code, Ko-fi members get a built-in discount just by being logged into their account.

Twitch Subs

More focused on the live-streaming element of Lynn’s content? Consider subscribing on Twitch! Subscribers get access to a range of channel emojis, an ad-free viewing experience, and access to the VIP area of the Discord server.

Shop Lynn’s Creations

Ko-fi Store

Lynn’s Ko-Fi Store is the best place to shop Lynn’s creations. Divination, ebooks, and more: this is where the bulk of Lynn’s creations are available. Patreon and Ko-fi backers get a discount as well! Be sure to also check out the commissions section of their page. Many future shop items start as a commission service.

H4WW Store

Looking for a full range of divination options from Lynn? Take a look at the Home 4 Wayward Witches store. They and their friends have worked hard to make it a one-stop shop for all sorts of witchcraft related services.

Stream Merch

More interested in wearing something branded with Lynn’s logo? Check out their StreamElements store. Each item is printed to order. If you are looking for a specific sort of merch and don’t see it here, reach out and Lynn will see what they can do.

Direct Donations

Direct donations to Lynn are a fantastic way to show your support. These allow Lynn to make considerable changes to how things are going.