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  • Interviewing a Tarot Deck

    Interviewing a Tarot Deck

    When you purchase a new tarot deck, what is the first thing you do with it? For many people, they’ll unwrap it, look through the cards, then launch straight into doing readings with it. For others, the process is more involved, involving cleansing, time spent just being around the deck, and more. You may have […]

  • Questions I Hate as a Tarot Reader

    Questions I Hate as a Tarot Reader

    Being a tarot reader, I get asked a lot of types of questions. Naturally, over time, I am going to develop some preferences. Certain questions make me very excited to do a reading. Others, however, make me want to ask the querent to change their question. Don’t get me wrong; I do my best to […]

  • Types of Divination

    Types of Divination

    Systems of divination can be largely categorized into one of four types based on the type of input being worked with. These four are: human, random, randomized, and non-random. While most forms you’ll see on my shop are categorized as randomized, it’s important to know the differences between the four for better understanding overall.